Oliphant Tool Company

Proven Quality Record
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Our very successful quality system forms the solid foundation of our superior performance.  All raw materials are inspected in our on-site materials lab prior to acceptance then tightly controlled under strict material handling procedures.  Prior to order entry, all orders are evaluated by our engineers to identify any obvious print errors and possible cost saving changes.  Manufacturing procedures are then written and the job is scheduled by our Operations Control System where the order progress is updated in real-time.  During the manufacturing process the order is incrementally inspected and only shipped after a comprehensive and fully documented final inspection.  All individual tool packaging includes lot specific information for full traceability.

Written in Stone
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Being essential to any quality system, all manufacturing records are kept in perpetuity.  Our comprehensive archives now contain 30 years of manufacturing records including copies of original travelers, job cards, drawings, purchase orders, inspection reports, material manifests, metallurgical reports, notes, comparator overlays, CNC programs and all of the other information used for the production of the original order.  To insure this crucial information is kept safe, we utilize server mirroring and off-site backup.