Carbides for Cold Forming

Oliphant Tool Company

OT-Grade Carbides: Born to Form Stainless Steel and Everything Else
Throughout the 1980’s, we were not satisfied with the off-the-shelf grades offered by carbide suppliers.  None of the grades were really suitable for cold forming extrusion and piercing applications.  They were either die grades, too soft for best performance or drill grades, too brittle for our preferred applications.  What we needed were new formulations that provided the strength we needed with the wear resistance offered by high hardness.  What we needed were carbide grades designed for cold heading pins and punches.
In the early 1990’s after many years of lab work, consultation with multiple carbide suppliers and field trials with industry leading fastener manufacturers we found it in our first custom formulation:
Oliphant Tool Grade OT-400™.  OT-400™ provided the superior wear of very hard low cobalt materials while providing the toughness offered by die grades.  Since then,we have developed several grades of carbide for every cold forming punch application from Camtronic® and Inconel to deep extrusions in A286 as well as grades designed to fight common cold heading challenges such as punch bending.  With OT grades, including our new 95 RwA OT-475™, our customers experience quantum leaps in pin and punch performance.
Let Oliphant Tool Company select a custom formulated carbide that was created to run the job you are running and get more hits for fewer bucks.

Ivory-Tip™  Carbide Tipped Punches
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Wear resistant and durable - Ivory-Tip™ from Oliphant Tool Company
Carbide tipped punches offer the wear resistance of carbide with the economy of steel.  For even greater economy the used pins can be returned for refurbishing, which includes a new carbide tip and PVD wear coating.  The steel bodies can also be hard-chromed multiple times, extending their useful life as well.