Carbide Punches and Pins

Oliphant Tool Company

Forming A286 or 300-series Stainless? Inconel®? CAMTRONIC®?
No Problem!
For three decades, Oliphant Tool Company has narrowly specialized in the manufacture of carbide punches and pins for aerospace, medical, automotive, and electronics companies worldwide.  Combining three generations of manual tool and cutter grinding experience with expertise in cutting-edge technologies, all tooling is manufactured following strict quality procedures on state-of-the-art proprietary CNC equipment and comprehensive records of all manufacturing processes are kept in perpetuity for total traceability.

Proprietary CNC Technology for Superior Performance
Oliphant Tool Company not only produces carbide pins and punches, but also many of the machines used for their production.  Our proprietary CNC grinding technologies offer superior accuracy, perfect concentricity and excellent repeatability.  Each tool is produced to the highs of critical tolerance for maximum tool life while accuracy and repeatability in production ensures that each pin and punch offers predictable performance.  Predictable performance is a critical component of tool life.  Tooling that is not predictable has to be replaced early to protect the balance of the tooling kit from the catastrophic results of tool failure.  Our predictable performance gives operators confidence to run our tools longer, significantly longer than competing products.


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TORX® and TORX PLUS® Drive System Carbide Header Tooling

Reach new levels of performance with our specialty carbides that are both tough and extraordinarily hard.


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Extrusion Pins

Backward and forward extrusion, deep extrusions in stainless; we are experts in tool life extension


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Punch, Knockout, Slug-out Pins

For punching and knockout, the performance of carbide far exceeds that of steel


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Hex Pins, Square Pins for Broaching

Broaching applications, square, hex or specialty forms can be produced to extremely tight tolerances.


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Point Forms

Ball nose, bullet-nose, coining operations, our proprietary CNC grinders can apply virtually any form you can imagine to the tip of carbide pins.


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Surface Drive

Hexalobular, TORX
®, TORX Plus®, screw drives; experience the superior performance of carbide


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Fluted Pins

Fluted pins with varied web counts, butterfly fasteners, slot cutting; no problem.

Tool Life Extension is our Speciality
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Throughout our history we have constantly invested in research and development including proprietary machine tool technology, tool design and modeling, nano-grain carbide metallurgy and advanced multi-layer PVD coatings.  These many years of research both in our lab and in the field have resulted in quantum leaps in performance.  Let Oliphant Tool Company help you utilize our latest advances in cold header tooling technologies including our proprietary tungsten carbides, advanced tool designs and the latest generation of PVD wear coatings.